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Kitchen Floor Tiles Design Pictures.

                                                          Material: Terracotta

Overview: Terracotta (“baked earth”) is basically a hard, fired unglazed clay. Its distinctive feature is its reddish-brown color.

Associated with: Rustic, Southwest, Mediterranean, Old-World styles

Pros: Made of natural materials that are very durable; a variety of finish styles available (none to high gloss); warm and earthy feel; suitable for indoor and outdoor uses; resistant to mold and bacterial growth.

Cons: Very porous, absorbs moisture quickly. Especially susceptible to citric acids, alcohols, oils, and vinegar, which can leave spots. Must be sealed annually to prevent staining, discoloration, and cracking.

Installation: Tedious and a bit complex, according to various sources. Professional installation highly recommended.

Cleaning: Use mild dish washing liquid, warm water, and a soft cloth to clean up spills. Damp mop, dry immediately. Grout is prone to staining, so also needs to be scrubbed periodically.

Kitchen, Floor, Tiles, Design, Pictures,

Kitchen, Floor, Tiles, Design, Pictures,